2013 Great Britain Team Selection for Antalya

Great Britain selection for – The Seniors World Team Championships – Antalya 2013

Men 35: Colin Bennett (captain), Jason Barnett, Andy Burgoyne, Nick Lester. Reserves Mark Beim, Mike Ingham.

Men 40: Seb Jackson (captain), Chris Clarke, David Ireland, Andy Phillips. Reserves Andy Evans, David Mills.

Men 45: Matt Coombes (captain), Ben Knapp, Paul Scullard, James Turner. Reserves Andy Evans Chris Clarke, David Mills.

Men 50: Graham Neale (captain), Graeme Adams, Chris Hearn,  Peter Wingrove. Reserve Simon Curtis.

Men 55: Paul French (captain), Steve Alger, Alec Allen, Bruce Young. Reserve Mark Connelly.

Women 35: Karen Cross (captain), Lucie Ahl, Julie Hobbs, Leyla Ogan. Reserve TBC.

Woman 40: Michelle Oldham (captain), Nina Topper, Isabelle Tyrrell, Sue Wiltshire. Reserve Jo Shepherd.

Women 45: Lorrayne Gracie (captain), Jo Louis, Siobhan Nicholson, Julie Salmon. Reserve Katie Shaw.

Women 50 : Anthea Stewart (captain), Chris French, Lorraine Ristic, Babara Snapes. Reserve Jenny Hughes.

Women 55: Anne Clark (captain), Sue Bartlett, Frances Candy, Sally Freeman. Reserve Pat Wire.

Guidelines for GB selection

International selection will take into account results in the three British National Championships over the previous period of twelve months. If this is inconclusive, then results over the twelve months before this will be considered. If these results prove inconclusive, performance in the 4 Nations and other British and International competitions will be considered; play off trials might also be used.

For selection of the Men’s and Women’s 35 teams only, the following events and criteria will be considered in addition to the criteria set out in the previous paragraph. Previous World rankings, previous GB rankings, International events, Aegon Team Tennis results, Inter County Championships (County Week and Indoor), the National 35 Championships, the new 30s events in Nottingham, Wimbledon and Eastbourne, the 4 Nations and the 35 County event in Eastbourne.

An exception to the selection criteria may be considered in the case of an outstanding player. In this connection, players who are involved in performance coaching within British Tennis may be considered.

Only players who are registered with an ITF IPIN number will be considered for team selection. Inappropriate behaviour in competition could be detrimental to team performance and will be deemed a bar to selection.

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