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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Aug. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission today projected that the economic impact of the 2014 ITF Senior World Championships, set for April 21 – May 4, 2014 in Palm Beach County, could exceed $2.5 million.

« We’re delighted that eight outstanding tennis facilities in Palm Beach County have been selected as venues for this 15-day marquee event.

BallenIsles Country Club as Host site in North County,

Mirasol Country Club,

PGA National Resort,

Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center,

Polo Club of Boca Raton as Host site in South County,

Boca West Country Club,

Boca Grove Country Club and

Woodfield Country Club, »

said George Linley, Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Sports Commission. « We believe the potential economic impact for the County could exceed $2.5 million. »

« This is the highest ranked event on the ITF Seniors Circuit for male and female players in the age categories of 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55, and more than 1600 players from more than 38 different countries will be competing for the coveted title of world champion in their respective individual and team age categories, » said BallenIsles Tennis Director and Tournament Chairperson, Trish Faulkner.

« As one of the largest international amateur events in the world, the ITF Senior World Championships will bring international visitors and press attention to South Florida while attracting local tennis enthusiasts and club members from surrounding country clubs and resorts. Businesses or organizations looking for high visibility and exceptional exposure for their brand, from consumers in an affluent local, national and international demographic, can choose from a number of outstanding sponsorship opportunities, » Faulkner added.

For more details on customized sponsorship packages during the 2014 ITF Senior World Championships, contact Trish Faulkner at

Countries can nominate teams of up to four players in the ITF Senior World Championships, which, since its inception in 1981, has grown in the number of competitors every year.

The 2014 ITF Senior World Championships are endorsed by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, Palm Beach County Convention & Visitors Bureau, International Tennis Federation, United States Tennis Association and the Florida USTA.

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