2015 USTA Senior International Team Selection Guidelines

The 2015 ITF Young Senior Team Championships are March 16-21, 2015 In Antalya, Turkey. The Young Senior team selection will be Dec. 7, 2014.

The 2015 ITF Senior Team Championships are June 8-13, in La Baule. France.  The Senior team selection will be March 8, 2015.

2015 USTA Senior International Team Selection Guidelines

Minimum Tournament Play. The following minimum tournament play is REQUIRED to be played within 12 months of selection:

 Two Category 1 National Championships OR
 One Category 1 National Championship and one Category 2 Tournament or Super

Category 2 Tournament

These tournaments must be played in the age division for which the player is seeking selection. In the case of a player moving into a new age division, this requirement can be met by combining play in the two age divisions. Meeting the minimum play requirements does not mean a player automatically qualifies to play on a cup team.

6. Record Considered. Once qualified for consideration under paragraph five, a player’s record during the previous 24 months to the selection date published at usta.com will be examined. In the case of a player replacing an unavailable but previously selected player, only information up to the selection date will be used. The selection time period for which results are considered varies annually depending on the scheduled dates and location of the ITF World Team Championships.


7. Wins and Losses. Significant direct and indirect wins and losses against USTA players and teams in a player’s actual age division (or in the case of players new to the division, against players and teams in the immediately younger age division) during the selection time period (as defined in the previous paragraph) will be considered. NTRP results shall not be included.

Results in the following tournaments will be considered:

  •   USTA senior tournaments including team events which earn ranking points
  •   ITF senior circuit events whether they are played in the US or abroad. Without regard to priority, the following are the most important results:
  •   Results from Category 1 National Championships,
  •   Results on the surface of the competition,
  •   Results in the age division being considered (or in the case of a player aging up,

    results in that player’s actual age division)

  •   Recent results

    Results from a different age division may be considered. Length and strength of a playing record will be considered. Wins and losses, not rankings are used in selecting the USTA Senior International Teams.

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