News for Joakim Berner and the World Championship seniors 2016 in Helsinki – Finland-

News for the World Championship seniors (50-55-60) in Helsinki.
The main site will be  Talin Tenniskeskus with 22 courts, (Facebook page)
the secondary site will be Esport Center with 13 courts and Tapiolan Tennispuisto 7 courts.

Surface is plexipave or green set with 0,4cm rubber cushioning.
Plays medium fast.

All sites are some 20 minutes from hotel by transport.
Official Tournament Hotel with transport to the tennis courts is Hotel
The hotel Presidentti is located very downtown Helsinki.
Located 21 km to the airport
It is a 4 star hotel.

80.00 EUR / single standard and double standard
100.00 EUR / double standard with extra bed
90.00 EUR / single superior
110.00 EUR / double superior
200.00 EUR / Junior Suite
460.00 EUR / Presidentti Suite
All prices include a buffet breakfast.

Finland World Championship seniors 2016

Joakim also  is promoting his grade 1 tournament played Aug. 1-7 in Hanko.
Page facebook Voted best tournament in Finland 2015.

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