Incertitude sur l’hôtel officiel de Miami …

Nous attendons tous les informations concernant l’hôtel officiel des championnats du Monde senior de Miami fin Octobre- début Novembre.
Nous avons eu l’information sur les soucis de re-ouverture de l’hôtel suite à un incendie le 25 juillet* et ¨¨.

De gros problèmes d’organisation en perspective  si l’hôtel n’était pas en mesure d’ouvrir…
A suivre,


*lettre de l’ITF concernant le problème

Dear Player,
I am writing to inform that due to a fire at the Deauville Hotel (the official
hotel) in Miami Beach, it is currently unclear as to whether the hotel will be
operational in time for the ITF Seniors World Team and Individual Championships. The
ITF is in contact with the Tournament Director and Miami City officials to clarify
the situation and identify alternative official accommodation.

We are not in a position to provide further information at this time but shall do so
next week once this is available. We ask that players do not cancel their booking at
the Deauville and wait for the update from the ITF.

As you will appreciate, this has created an unwelcome but unavoidable challenge for
the organisation and I ask for your patience and understanding while we work to
resolve the issue. Please be advised that we will not be able to respond to emails
regarding the Deauville until a further announcement is issued next week.

This email is being sent to all players entered into the ITF Seniors World
Individual Championships. Any player(s) not booked into the official hotel
(Deauville) may disregard this email.

Kind regards,

Manager, Beach and Seniors Tennis
Professional Tournaments Department
International Tennis Federation
Bank Lane, Roehampton, London, SW15 5XZ


** Plus d’information sur le problème de l’hôtel

Et l’incendie est arrivé le 25 juillet….
Même si depuis 2010, il y avait des problèmes …
Il semble que l’hôtel était encore fermé mi août et que les réservations ont été, semble-t-il, perdues aussi…
We have stayed at the hotel numerous times, and always enjoyed our stay. However, on August 15 we arrived to find the hotel closed. We were extremely upset, to say the least, as we had not been informed of this (the fire occurred about 3 weeks prior to our arrival). We were met outside and directed to the Sea Coast, and told they would accommodate us. However, the person at the Sea Coast told us that they had no record of our reservation as all records had been destroyed in the fire, and they could not accommodate us. So at 8 pm, we found ourselves stranded and had to make other arrangements. Very poor customer service indeed. I hope when the hotel re-opens they install a reservation system with back-up in case of emergency.
I also hope management reads my review and responds appropriately.

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