Nous ne verrons plus le sourire de John Powless …

John Powless passed away…

je garde son sourire… sa passion du sport… son ouverture vers les autres, le « how are you doing? »… une inspiration …

j’avais déjà écrit un article en avril 2018 sur son livre …
Une vie bien jouée… John Powless ‘A Life Well Played’ Memoir

Retrouvez son sourire sur l’article publié par Madalyn O’Neill
avec des vidéos et interview de John… Merci pour cette hommage.
Posted: May 20, 2021 9:38 PMUpdated: May 20, 2021 10:22 PM by Madalyn O’Neill

Article ITF

Retrouvez une interview de lui sur
For John Powless, Tennis Was The “Sport of a Lifetime”

extrait :
“this is totally unique to tennis – its international aspect.
We play cup matches all over the world with players from different nations, and they become friends. I’m leaving to play the Gardnar Mulloy Cup in Croatia. We’re playing at a club on the Adriatic which is spectacular! Some of the countries participating are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, South Africa, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Many of the players I have played against before. They’re already friends, but there will be new ones, and they’ll become friends too. This sort of international connection through tennis should be expanded into other sports and activities. Maybe then we’d have more understanding and be more tolerant of foreigners.”

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